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Amanda Bynes

Can’t u commentators stfu ur trying too hard it’s not that serious


Oh my god the intro. So many good memories


This is one of many reasons I will always say: Fuck Quick and fuck all retarded Quick-fans!


This guy doesn't understand what he saying.Now I know why people walk around with strongly believed misconceptions.

V Nikolaou

Louis' voice omfg


Finn has me confuse, like, really confuse :S I actually thought I'd got it in Funeral, but then he went all I still love you Quinn...which lost me again :S You know, it's easier in spanish, there are words for the I love you as in a couple and one as in...well, the rest.

EV Vitti

U can do amazing tricks, but not hit the net...


Gavin's "It's like a cross-eyed girl" had me dying 4:48 

Rowan Gibson

Welcoming angry people screaming and wade pissing them off.

Robert Kelly

The Flood and the rock falling trying to smash me and Space Mama 2nd encounter is where I got stuck as a kid throwing control down in frustration.

Jon Jon Campbell

I ain't gon lie Jenny ain't fineas Joy but she major funny



Kaydude VlOgS

I’m trying to grow sub to me pls