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The above program compiles and runs successfully

The above program compiles and runs successfully

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Mana Glen

Best thing I could listen to right now! Warren you are very wise!

Kieran O' Grady

"I just wanna go the distance."


I believe they used to not make a consensus on purpose in the final game until the last question so we'd get them all.


10:40 that's kinda like a buyout when it comes to tcgs lol. Buy a valuable card at that particular price its at or that cheapest price then sell it for more.

David Macpherson

Been a commercial and industrial electrician for 17 years.We learn what we need for our job sometimes and leave much to be learned as we become comfortable.I've been trying to brush up and learn what I am lacking.You sir are a great teacher.Hope your teaching professionally somewhere.

Prime Evil

Where can I find Michael speaking in 'british' accent for a full episode/podcast? That was hilarious!!


2 years later comments... still stupid.


If you think of the lump sum basically as "principal", there is no universe where surrendering your principal to get a 6% return makes any sense.

jay duh

Now I just want to see a ocean of cars speeding away from someone shooting, I wonder if they would stay together..

Tango the Hutt

Well....well....we’ll.... how the turntables

Quinn Moore

no one is ready for master bean


29:00 should be the new jingle for ahwu

Paige Bratton

You're neutral on Astrid? I have her in two of my three gamecube towns and she's the WORST

trey Stewart

Who the hell turns the light on in the morning



Dave Van Vlerah

2008? And Jimmy takes the piss with Sean about his hairline?

odwa ngxokela

best game ive played, just finished it

Law Williams

They pronounce wyvern oddly

Jjrocks 27

Kyle turiss was in free agency

Trump 2020 Make America great again

Go Knights Go

Civelek Oglu

jack plays ps3 minecraft it was my friend i dk her name i forgot damn it! it was in 2013

buzz magister

"It is a cunning plan Me Lord " Good old Baldrick .

Ivan Grishin

GODDAMIT its Katyusha not KatyshKa... Why is it so hard for you guys to pronounce it right DX