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What is the relevance score?

What is the relevance score?

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Where is Stamkos and Tavares

Maelinda Seawell

This woman needs to understand that she is not to pay anything out of her own income.

Harry Pig Orr


Donald Brown

On a scale of 1 to fuck off...XD


This movie inspired absolutely no one....but it sure as hell convinced few shitbrains that they were some sort of misunderstood tormented genius


Women are the ones who vote for bigger government and men are the ones who allowed it. Just sayin.

Jonathan Stewart

Who is there goaly

Nolan Searles

Keep the twins let them be happy then they will retire at the end of the season if not trade them at the draft

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Villagers argue u cheer them up?

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Just watches off topic and came here

A Pet Named Steve

"Six Seasons and a Movie" still waiting on that movie

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Fun Fact: Pittsburgh has won all 5 Stanley cups at away.

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Wow your voice is soooooo ... I dont know but it seems you took my world roll ... og yeah am using my husbanfs account ...just fyi ... keep it up .. am your big fan

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After watching this, here's something in my mind"I knew I married my man for some reason."

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Poor people get multiple thousands of dollars back every year, they don’t over pay taxes because they hardly pay any and get 4 and $5000 back every year.

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Meh what are the other options?


You need a stronger dagger.


God I miss this man so much

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Chacanger all righty!

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Sam was so relieved when he thought Jeremy didn't see him but then haha

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I am a Flyers fan so I know this you didn’t say Bernie Parent names wrong

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My grandfather was in the Merchant Navy during WW2. I don’t have much to say, but he was the captain of a ship, the Blue Star. It was a shock for him when a big blast shot through the side of the ship. It was a German submarine that took down his ship. When it was finished, all the people inside the ship were scattered across the ocean, shouting for help. My grandfathers friend drowned in front of him in the progress of the missiles. I don’t know how he survived, but it sure sounded like a traumatic experience. He is now 94 years old.

True 77

The Bladed Mad King of Ice


Nasher i subbed

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You should definitely edit Philip Danault to an 83-84 overall. He's a two-way center with great speed that has been centering Pacioretty and Radulov for the greater part of this season. His defensive acumen, his speed (he can keep up with Patches and Radu) and his IQ are to be bumped up. Doesn't the have greatest skillset, but I think he deserves a hightop 9 potential, he's going to be a serviceable 2C or very good 3C in the future. Lehkonen is also an important part of our top 9. Young gun with good hands and speed. Where he shines is his shot and defensive IQ. He's on the penalty kill in his rookie season, so definitely a low top 6, medium top 9 player. Lindgren should get a bump, he's been killing it as a starter in the AHL in a weak St John's team and already has 1 NHL victory, has potential to be an NHL starter so probably looking at a low starter potential. Sergachev needs to get a bump to med elite, at 17 he was named the best defensemen in the OHL and has very high offensive skill and great physical abilities.He's gonna be an anchor at LHD, replacing Markov.