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Good Design Respects User Habits.

Good Design Respects User Habits.

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Being an online tutor

Being an online tutor

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jeremy your dog looks like a lion


wow this is awesome, i just started my own podcast and now am on episode 4 with it and i can super resonate with him, spirituality and enhancing life and growth! I feel like everyone who are listening to Tom or Aubrey would love the podcast, I'm getting my podcast out there because I have so much value to give out and it is of no use to anyone if no one knows about it! If you are reading this comment I welcome you to the 'Growing with Harjot' Podcast! You will love what you hear if you loved what you heard in this podcast! Thank you Tom, its a dream of mine to one day have you on the podcast and after listening to this Aubrey is just the man aswell!


Very interesting guy , thought he was a momo at first but I was jealous , the guy has a lot of great concepts of opening your mind , dropping bad points of ego

raden arga


Tayra Green

After seeing clips from this series in best of videos, I've decided to finally watch the entire thing


Wtf this is epic

Alma Chizit


vijayalakshmi karthi

You cheated Cory

Mohammed Al fares

The king


I wish we could have seen a scene with Brittany comforting Santana instead of Kurt. I know that wasn't possible since Heather Morris was on maternity leave and about eight months pregnant at the time this episode was filmed, but still, it would have been nice to see Brittany and Santana together here.