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I don8217t publish the income it earns anymore

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Actuarial science is low-stress, highly

Actuarial science is low-stress, highly

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Quest to FIRE

I work in healthcare with a 403b and I did inquire about our 457b. Unfortunately the retirement guy said it was reserved for executives and physicians only.... not me, a lowly ultrasound tech.


2:25 That Remmington Steele comment that no one under the age of 40, except for me, will understand. :3 <3

Josh Miller

Hockey players always seem to have the best sense of humor of any sport. Which is weird considering how intense they are on the ice

Joseph Miller

Rivers had to deal with N.E every year or we might have seen Eli vs rivers in a Superbowl that would've been cool.

Timo Bru

Aber danke. Werde mir das Spiel bestellen :-)

Geoffrey Evans

NewFinalCountdown Rayman 2 and 3 were classics though. Raving Rabbids was good..then it got MILKED.


Idk of y'all will see this comment. (This is the third time I've watched this) but congrats on Michael and Lindsey for having iris and also congrats on being prego with the new child lol

Malykai Sousa

Vernarsky, more like Very-Nasty


When I watch your videos it makes me want to buy an old car to clean and fix it. It seems a lot of fun.:)

Judy’s YouTube Show

4:38 how do you have half a cat?

axdre xddd

Nice video!

Blues Meme Queen

Really well done. I love the Kmox overlay with the tv broadcast. Still unbelievable. Let’s Go Blues!!!