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Here8217s something that might interest you more:  Everything

Here8217s something that might interest you more:  Everything

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It used to take

It used to take

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Arbitrary Ideas

Linsay Jones in the second race: Destruction 100

Luca Norton

Roy, Plante, and many other goalies


I think this is the new Mario cart...

An Endless Summer

A guy who doesn't even ADS saying the game sucks, that's cute. "oh, it's a satchel"

Box Of Kittenz Gaming

Lol everyone in this comment section is either talking politics or bashing jack on something he did XD


The first girl was so confident, I’m jealous.


Michaels comments at 39:30 is me at uni

Stelian Neculii

68% are not subs? WTF???Actual Pewd sub number is 240M.

John Rosario

I love how when they transitioned to the second map, and Geoff said, This is THE map! We all knew what he was referring to... xD


pietrangelo boys. i hope no one else comments

Devon McQuade

Gavin Its The Wedding RingerIts funny as F$% I love it.

Jim Sharp

I feel like at least 2 of them seriously need to stand off to the side for the bowser 1 up cannon game. spreading everybody out almost guarantees the bowsers will hit someone.

john harman

this was honestly the funniest one


I love the comments from the fat asses who didn't even make it to senior year of high school on the hockey team. If you get the opportunity go to one of these downhill skating events. Just go watch. Hell, I can admit even after playing hockey for most of my life up until my car accident, I wouldn't sign up for this shit. Keep me on level ice. That's where I belong.


16:15 You guys see braum's shield from LoL on the wall? or is that just me??


52:14 ...johnny?

Seth Shaffer


Eva Evelin

Instrumental pls

You Get What You Fuckin’ Deserve

How did nobody catch that Outsiders reference?Jack: Stay Gold.Geoff: Ponyboy.

Gorb Gorbinson

Jack is the kinda dude that if he was in MENSA, you'd know as he'd tell your 20 times.

Jaya Burini

you forgot, that Australian skiier, who somehow won