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To help me to begin to see the

To help me to begin to see the

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Richard Brock

Do Mathias Ohlund, Jason garrison, or Marty biron


Disappointed, past ones have been more intense

Leaf Storm

You guys are damn funny

Lucas Batistoti

this is completely otherworldlyhard to put in wordsfloyd forever

Michal Valta

It's hilarious, watching someone trying to aim with a gamepad. :D

Jacob och Hugo

Hello!, I live in sweden and play hockey i'm 11yerse old and play With 13 years old players and Its a bit scry if you get a tackle. I get a tackle from a player that whers 2 years older than med and i get it in the head, i don get to school next day


Gavin does something dumb Fans: Lol, Gavin's so funny. I love when he's in videos!Lindsay does something dumb Fans: Why is she in this video? she is so infuriating

Braxton Singleton

Please how did you play this???


The hobo's coat makes him harder to beat. He's essentially the Oddjob of this game.

Lance Manyon

That was an m1 Vince,not an m16 .

Amber Purcell

Yes HABS should get Laffreniere lol drafts in MTL might as well get him lol he’s French Canadian we needa 1 player

blah blah




Victor Huff

3:39This must be what goes through Trump's mind every time he passes by any open area.

Carl Jones

Trump understanding something now that's new

Martha Shiimi

The person in the reflection is distracting


Wtf is wrong with that dude from Binghamton?

Gregor Smith

Hey guys I just pulled a Broduer legend in my weekly gold packs and was wondering if I should dump it or not. My best pull ever of course has to be a goalie.

Raquel Pujadas Domnguez

I have a feeling that you might dislike Yuka juuuust a lil bit hahahaI didn't like her either

Derek 12

I wouldn't be laughing if I was down 5-0